Name: Hudson

Date of Passing: 12/07/23

Message to Hudson: We said goodbye to our wonderful kitty Hudson this morning. A mischievous and irrepressible part of our household for the past eleven years, he came to us as a foster in the fall of 2012 and quickly became a permanent member of the family. Hudson never met a stranger…if you came into our apartment, he assumed you were there to see him, and promptly sat himself upon your lap whether you wanted him there or not. A true “velcro kitty” who was an expert at weaving in and out of your ankles while you walked, and who had an uncanny knack for standing right behind you in prime tripping position, he earned the name “underfoot-son” from my dad, who had more than one close call when petsitting for us. We are so grateful for all the years we had with Hudson, particularly the “bonus rounds” since 2020, when he received a diagnosis of oral squamous cell carcinoma—for those of you who have the misfortune to have experienced OSCC, you’re not reading this wrong, resilient Hudson outlived his original ~6 month prognosis by orders of magnitude, to say the least. Up until yesterday, he was a bright and happy guy who never seemed to know he was sick. We feel lucky that he really didn’t have any bad days until his last. Special thanks to all of his favorite petsitters: Tiffany Morton, Bill Shatkus, Aimee Flaks, and Amy Sharbaugh, to Dr. Ujiki who was his primary doctor, Dr. Jackson who was his specialist, and everyone at A Gentle Goodbye who helped us today. I’ll close with a quote from his Auntie Toni, who sent this message to me this morning: “His attitude and enjoyment of life was really amazing and should be an inspiration to us all.”

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