Name: Hobbes

Date of Passing: 09/30/2022

Message to Hobbes: Hobbes was a loyal, independent, loving, affectionate girl who felt her best when she was with her people. She was adopted at 1.5 years, and loved snow, sand, swimming, running, snuggling and just being included in family happenings. She was an incredible vacuum cleaner, which was much appreciated with a toddler in the house. She was named for Hobbes, the tiger, of the Calvin and Hobbes comic strip and lived up to her name, providing companionship, love, and comfort up until her last day. She was a tremendous source of comfort and joy to her family, and her family is grateful for the 12.5 years they got with her. She taught us about loyalty, unconditional love, taking advantage of the present, and enjoying the simple things. She will never be forgotten, and her impact is carried on in her humans who are forever grateful that of all the dogs in the world, they got her.

Tell us about Hobbes: Hobbes was the first one to know a baby was due to the house and her (adopted) mom was pregnant. Before mom and dad even knew they were pregnant, Hobbes suddenly started refusing to go upstairs (where she usually slept at night) and overnight wouldn't leave her perch at the front door. When mom was home, Hobbes stood on guard, and would only go upstairs (and leave her post) when neither of her pet parents were in the house. When the baby arrived she tolerated him, though her pet parents remained her two favorite people, and she quickly resumed her willingness to sleep in mom and dad's room overnight (upstairs, away from the front door), again.