Hank “Bubba-Bear

Name: Hank "Bubba-Bear"

Date of Passing: 10/30/23

Message to Hank "Bubba-Bear": My dearest Hanky, I love and miss you so much. I'll meet you at the bridge.

Tell us about Hank "Bubba-Bear": Hank was by my side for 16 years and had such a kind and gentle spirit. Everyone who met Hank fell in love with him. He was such a tiny little puppy and needed a "big" name to live up to. I thought the name Hank fit him so well. He loved bacon, pumpkin, popcorn and cookie-treats. The Loofa long-dog toys were always his favorite and he never met a squeaker he couldn't break! He also enjoyed laying out on the deck in the warm sunshine. When our kids came along he loved and protected them. He had many great doggie loves including Maddie, Mama-Bear and Hazel. He is no longer by my side but will live forever in my heart.