Name: Guido

Date of Passing: 01/19/2024

Message to Guido: We lost our boy, Guido, to a short battle with cancer this past Friday. He was 11.5 yrs old but still was very puppy like. He will be missed alot in this family that he was a part of since he was 8 weeks old.

Tell us about Guido: We got Guido at a pet store when he was just 8 weeks old. He was just the tiniest and cutest thing, ever! We adopted another Italian Greyhound fur brother, Armani. Shortly after that. Guido was a great fur brother and as Armani is 3-4 yrs older than Guido, at the end he was Armani's guide, as Armani is almost blind and deaf. Guido loved everyone human or animal. He loved being in the sun and going for car rides and trips! He loved being under covers weather it was summer or winter. He had to be by you no matter where you were, including the bathroom. He loved food and his babies (his toys) and was quite a lover. Mommy and daddy are going to miss you very much, until we meet again my sweet prince. We will love you forever. ❤💔💙