Name: Gia

Date of Passing: 04/09/2024

Message to Gia: Gia is and was my most beloved girl. She was the light of my days — there when I would wake up in the morning and when I would go to sleep at night. Gia was a beautiful calico with a sassy attitude and a vocal meow, but she was just as much a sweet and loving companion. We moved many times together and went through many changes, but we always had ‘home’ together in each other’s company. We were a strongly bonded family together, Gia and I, bringing each other an unwavering sense belonging and comfort. “I love you more than words can describe,” was something I told her all the time.

Tell us about Gia: Gia was found as a stray with her kittens in Milwaukee, WI and was submitted to an animal rescue. I then picked her up from a pet supply shop that had adoptable cats — my mom had seen her there and thought she would be the one for me. Gia and I met a week later and I took her home to Chicago on 10/04/2009. We were best friends and family ever since. Treats, snuggles, and spending quality time with mom were always Gia’s favorite things. She was adored by everyone who met her. Her nicknames included: G, Gia Mama, GiGi, Miss Girl, Gorgeous Girl, Angel, and Button, to name a few.