Date of Passing: 04/13/2024

Message to Gameboy: Always loved, always cherished, forever remembered. We love you our incredibly sweet and special Gameboy, in perpetuity across the Universe <3 ~

Tell us about Gameboy: Name of your pet Gameboy Date of passing 04/13/2024 Submit a message in memory of your pet Always loved, always cherished, forever remembered. We love you our incredibly sweet and special Gameboy, in perpetuity across the Universe <3 ~ Tell us the ‘story’ of your pet (ex: how you got them, how did they get their name, favorite things, etc) From the very first night that Gameboy entered our lives as ‘ours’, he slept in the same bed with us and never left our side. I remember the first night he arrived, when his then Daddy left our apartment, Gameboy was incredibly confused. He was sitting at the back of the chair, ears perked up, waiting for his then Daddy to come back and get him. The thing is - he was given to us as his forever family. He didn’t realize it yet, and for almost an entire hour he stared at the door, waiting for him to come back. After he realized that wasn’t happening, he seemed sad, seemed a bit down, laid on the chair and just put his head down. We watched some TV with him, pet him, made sure he was ok. Later that night, we walked into the bedroom with him and were getting ready for bed. He was crate trained at the time, but he looked at us with this curious look. We looked at the bed, looked at him, and asked him, “Are you coming?” He IMMEDIATELY jumped in the bed, rolled around, and he knew from that point forward he would always be a bed doggie :-). Gameboy’s absolute most favorite thing was his toy (Monkey)! He would NEVER go to bed without him. He would sit up, STARING at the door, waiting for other Daddy to find him, bring him into the bed, and make sure he had it before he laid his head down. I remember at one point we stayed at a hotel when our house was being renovated after a flood. Housekeeping took the sheets to wash while we were at work and they took Monkey accidentally while it was in the sheets. OH NO! The toy had never been washed before! We had to make five calls, begging them to find it. Luckily, they FOUND MONKEY! He was washed, but luckily he wasn’t destroyed! When given back, Gameboy sniffed it, making sure that Monkey was still his Monkey (lol). Eventually he realized it was his Monkey and he could finally go to bed (lol). He adored his Monkey! Everyone LOVED his name! He came with that name when he joined our family. He lived in a pack with two other amazing dogs - Nintendo and Ganon :-). If you are a video game fan, you’ll know he came from a house that loved Nintendo :-). Gameboy’s final resting place is exactly where he should be - in our bedroom, directly across from his favorite spot on the bed where he and I spent so much time together over the years. This was his absolute most favorite time of every single day. He would stare at me and/or Daddy until one or both of us looked his way and asked him, ‘TV Time’? He would immediately wag his tail, look upstairs at the bedroom, and wait until he knew you were absolutely ready to go. Once you would start walking upstairs, he would BOLT upstairs (even at 17.5 years of age), go into the bed, and wait for you to lay down with him. He knew it was time to cuddle, watch TV together, and be told what an incredibly good and special boy he was over and over. He was told that we would always love him, always protect him, and how he would never be alone / abandoned. Our beautiful ‘Bubbas’, ‘TV Time’ will now last with us forever. Whenever we are watching TV from the bedroom, we know you are there with us, now and forever.