Name: Freida

Date of Passing: 08/30/2023

Message to Freida: I miss Freida so much. She helped me so much with all the foster dogs, teaching them how to live in a home. Freida was a great travel companion. She went to to the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. She also went to the Gulf coast and the shores of Lake Superior and Erie. We even traveled to Ontario Canada together.

Tell us about Freida: I got Freida from a foster in Holly Michigan. Her name was a combination of Freda Payne (singer) and Frida Kahlo (artist). When Freida was younger she would often play with dogs at the dog park, racing around with the other dogs. She was always the fastest dog as the other dogs could not keep up with her. As Freida got older he was content to rest in her dog bed. She always got along with the other dogs in our home. The attached photo of Freida resting her head on the back of my other Coonhound is her first day with me six years ago and the photo of Freida on her bed is on her last day.