Name: Frankie

Date of Passing: 01/11/2024

Message to Frankie: Our sweet Frankie, you were a cherished member of our family. You taught us unconditional love, patience, compassion, and sacrifice. You brought us immense joy and laughter every day. You were the goofiest, most loyal, independent, and sometimes very stubborn girl. We are incredibly grateful for every minute we spent together. We love you and miss you terribly. Hope to see you again on the big couch in the sky.

Tell us about Frankie: Frankie was 6 years young when she was adopted. At the time, she was the oldest dog at the shelter and was so excited to go home and start her new life named after the great Frankie Valli. Frankie was known for her trademark snore, her love/hate relationship with throw pillows, her floppy ears, and bullying mom off the good couch to steal the best spot. Even as she slowed down, she enjoyed walks in our neighborhood and had a special fondness for sniffing every inch of the fence at Horner Park. Frankie was a gentle soul adored by family, friends, and neighbors.