Name: Floyd

Date of Passing: 03/15/24

Message to Floyd: To the best boy, Floyd. Devoted nighttime snuggler and good morning kisser. You taught me more about love and loyalty than any other human has. RIP Baby, mama loves you. You’ll always be my number one.

Tell us about Floyd: Floyd (aka Pretty Boy Floyd, Silent Floyd, Floydie, Bubba, Bubby) was rescued August 21st, 2010 and was my best friend for the next 13 plus years. He was extremely laidback, so I felt changing his name to Floyd (as in Pink) was better suited for him. He was the best travel and dining companion, having visited over 19 states across the country including various staycations at The Waldorf, The Gwen, Conrad amongst several other dog friendly Chicago hotels and was always a staff favorite, the happiest hallway runner at them all. Aside from travel, Floyd loved visiting beaches and swimming, chilling at picnics, rolling down hills on his back, running leash-free when alone at parks, anything treat related (especially McDonald’s fries), sniffing/ peeing on leaf piles on walks, giving kisses, and hanging with loved ones and family.