Name: Farrah

Date of Passing: 10/28/2023

Message to Farrah: Our sweet Farrah, my baby girl. Old lady as I called her in the last months. She had a beautiful and pure heart. She was loved by so many. Myself and her dada, her human sissy Maddie and her significant other, both of her human brothers William and Mack and their significant others as well as her grandmas and grandpas and any others who had the privilege to be in her life. And let’s not forget her younger doggie sister Sienna. As a puppy Farrah was called Tigger by her grandma and grandpa, this is because she got so excited to see them she was bouncing off her back legs to get up as high as she could to great them. She loved car rides but mostly with sissy Maddie because Maddie took her to the groomers to get nice and clean and always had a pretty bandanna when she was done. Farrah loved chasing the tennis ball in the yard and as a young dog loved the other dogs in the neighborhood. Farrah was always a people person, as soon as she saw one of her people, family friends or neighbors that tail started going and her behind started to wiggle. Farrah loved to sleep with her family, she had a big comfy bed but wanted ours and we were all happy to have her. Bouncing from bed to bed she never wanted for love, there was always someone here to give it. Farrah looooved food, naps and playing. She played with Mack and William although with Mack it looked more like dancing. She kept us safe from any noise or creek she may have heard outside, always barking/howling to warn us. Farrah loved to be outside with us and just relax next to our feet. She used to love walks with sissy until she couldn’t anymore. Farrah absolutely loved babies, anytime someone had a baby over she would lay right next to it and just stare. We always looked at her and said “ Farrah is that your baby?” She had a smile that just made you happy that she was happy. As we both grew older we grew a deeper bond. She was their for the illness of her human and for the healing. Farrah herself was a healer knowing when her people needed her. As she grew older I think we all feared what was coming to our sweet girl. She grew tired, but still just wanted to be with her people loving them. As we loved her. On her final day Farrah enjoyed chicken nuggies and puppy ice cream as well as peanut butter. She had her final ride to see grandma and grandpa Farrah was surrounded in all the love we were so blessed to have received from her. The last people she saw were her people. All of her people. Farrah will forever be loved and never forgotten. Farrah lived a good life, our home is so much emptier without her. June 10,2012-October28,2023

Tell us about Farrah: We had bought our first home and decided it was a little empty every home needs a puppy. I decided on a black lab due to having had one as a child and always remembered my dog koko. We struggled on a name for her when finally Farrah popped into my head and my husband loved it. On her gotcha day 8/18/2012 we passed her all around the car. She was loved in an instant.