Name: Eiger

Date of Passing: 03/06/2023

Message to Eiger: We are so lucky that Eiger was part of our family for the past 11 years. We feel his goal in life was to give love and get love. He was happiest when he was with people (and outside when it was cold). When we adopted two hamsters a few years ago, he was so excited and sniffed them gently while wagging his tail. He loved having new furry brothers. He was truly a sweet and gentle giant. We all miss him so much.

Tell us about Eiger: We brought Eiger home as a puppy when our boys were 4-and 7-years-old. He quickly became a member of our family and loved to cuddle with us. He is named after a mountain in Switzerland in the Bernese Alps. He loved the cold weather and refused to come inside when we would call him, even when he was buried in snow. He preferred slow walks where he could sniff at his leisure and meet as many people as possible. He loved his schedule and quickly trained us to know when he was ready for his meals and to never forget his treats. He was the best dog!