Name: Duke

Date of Passing: 11/22/2023

Message to Duke: Today we lost our best friend to cancer. We will forever miss your cuddles, you greeting us when we get home, your constant energy that never ended even when you were exhausted, us having to watch our food when we left the room, how much you loved chewing couches, letting you out as soon as we walked in the door, your summer swims, winter snowball fetch but most of all we will miss YOU. Your unconditional love will be cherished forever. Miss you already!! #rainbowbridge #wedontdeservedogs

Tell us about Duke: Duke was from Nebraska where his dad drove to pick him up. He sat on his lap the whole drive home. We loved him from the minute we met him. He was a loyal dog with an attachment that you could not explain. He would run but would return with a whistle or the call of his name. He was loved by so many who would visit and loved his people. He was a 70lb lap dog. He lived for BBQs to get some grilled meats and loved to sneak people food from his people’s plates. We loved his nightly snuggles and the way he woke us to go out in the morning. We didn’t need an alarm clock as he was our personal one. He was so excited to greet everyone and didn’t have a mean bone in his body. Except chasing away the ducks, geese, squirrels, bunnies and coyotes that came into his yard. The house feels empty without you but we know you are running around up there with grandpa and he is taking you on those long walks like he used to.