Name: Dozer

Date of Passing: 08/18/2022

Message to Dozer: Dozer truly was my best friend and he was by my side every day for 11 years — through moves, marriage, babies and every mundane moment in between. He loved people, especially his family, and he always greeted you with a wiggly butt and bulldog sniffs and snorts. I will never forget his soft fur and paws, his perpetual puppy eyes, adorable smile, and the way he gently kissed my face when I needed it most. I love and miss you always and forever, Dozey.

Tell us about Dozer: I got Dozer when he was a wrinkly, squishy 8 week old puppy and I was freshly out of college. We grew up together; he taught me about love and responsibility, and for that, I’m forever grateful. While he was always quite stubborn, he enjoyed leisurely walks, dog park shenanigans, and hopping through snow in the wintertime. You would never guess by his rolls, but he was strangely particular about food; his favorite treats included cheese, milk bones, broccoli, and any dinner scraps his baby brothers dropped on the floor. He had a large, grassy backyard, but he almost always could be found sunbathing in the mulch. I held him in my arms in a shady spot in our yard until he took his last breath, and I feel so honored to have loved him for so many wonderful years.