Name: Dexter

Date of Passing: 03/30/2023

Message to Dexter: To our sweet furry baby, may you sleep well, Dexter. We love you and miss you! -your human family and loving chow chow brother.

Tell us about Dexter: We got Dexter in July of 2012 when he was 12 weeks old. Made the drive to Iowa from Illinois to get our little buddy! When Dexter was 6 months old we got his younger chow chow brother, Basha! Dexter has always been a lovable dog, nice to everyone and loved getting belly rubs. There wasn’t a single mean bone in his body! He loved chicken jerky treats, hunting for critters in the backyard, and letting us know VERY LOUDLY when he saw one. Also loved chicken nuggets, and croissants with butter as a treat!