Name: Dexter

Date of Passing: 10/04/2023

Message to Dexter: Dexter, you were (mostly) a joy to have these 13 years. We know it wouldn't have happened without tragedy and trauma to you, but we hope we provided you a better home and a better life to make up for it. While you're trauma could make you aggressive at times to certain situations...and we wished you could have participated in more extended family events,outside of that you were a loving dog that loved people and especially family. I remember Mom telling me that you started to smell like me. Because you would lay with me while I watched Bulls games in my room. In 2018 when I moved to Chicago and you moved in with me. It was definitely an adjustment. But I took on the responsibility. I groomed you, bathed you, and went through the long process to start seeing what foods were good and healthy for you. You got in better shape and were noticeably more active and healthy I was able to bring you to my office, and you made your rounds going to each department saying hi to everyone. You weren't just friendly to the people you liked you had an almost intense energy that showed you cared and were happy to see that specific person. While it could be rough with the responsibility, I always had you by my side at night. Where you would start at the end of the bed, and by the time I woke up you were right next to me. You did a good job buddy Love you always

Tell us about Dexter: He was named after the character from the TV show Dexter. We found him on adopt a pet. He was with a family, who at one point tried to groom him and they cut his tail, which had to be amputated, they dropped him off to the city, the city paid for it, and give him to adopt a pet. He loved being with family and eating.