Name: Desi

Date of Passing: 11/27/23

Message to Desi: Desi chose us when he showed up on our driveway 15 years ago. He had a collar on but no tags, and after phone calls to local police stations, we realized if no one claimed him, he was going to be ours. Although his start with us was a little rocky because he was fearful of men in particular, after training him, he became a model canine citizen. He was a handsome pup with a beautiful red wavy coat, and people would always smile and comment on how cute he was. While little, he truly was fearless as he cornered a possum in the corner of our yard one summer. He loved being outside with our family in the summer, or curling up at our feet in the winter. The house is too quiet now, and yet we know he is out of his pain and suffering. Thank you Dr. Molly for helping Desi cross the Rainbow Bridge.

With sincere appreciation. Diane and Ashur Joseph

Tell us about Desi: Desi loved his food, especially Sunday mornings, when I would give him a little scrambled eggs and bacon. We knew when he refused bacon, and his second favorite thing, peanut butter, that he was definitely near the end.