Name: Deo

Date of Passing: 09/27/2023

Message to Deo: You and I, anxious canine and inexperienced human, meeting on a whim and sharing a lifetime together. You knew me as honesty and completely as one thing can another, and some days you were the only one reminding me I was here. How lucky I was to be loved so unconditionally for all these years. You were my childhood wish come true, my constant, my home. Life will be quiet without your nails clicking and your tags jangling as you follow me into the kitchen for food, every time, without fail, even at the end when your legs were tired. Rest easy my sweet boy. I will miss you forever. Deoji Joshua. Dee Dee. LBD. Baby #0. My Deo. 2005/2006ish - 9/27/2023

Tell us about Deo: As I was driving up towards the Napa Humane Society I spotted him in the front lawn and immediately knew that he would be coming home with me. His shelter name was 'Sundance Kid' and his brother 'Butch Cassidy' had already been adopted a few days before. The shelter listed him as a 6 month old Portuguese Water Dog that would double in size - from 30 to 60 pounds. I later discovered he was a full grown adult dog and not a Portuguese Water Dog. I also discovered he was perfect in every way. I named him Deoji and Deo for short. He was with me for over 16 years and though many of the ups and downs life throws at us.