Name: Cody

Date of Passing: 04/29/2024

Message to Cody: Cody was a wonderful dog who we will miss dearly.

Tell us about Cody: Cody was a sweet, entertaining, happy little guy. He spent the first 9 years of his life in a laboratory test Beagle at a facility in Arkansas. Thankfully, a wonderful organization, Beagle Freedom Project rescued him and brought him to us in November, 2023. Sadly, he was diagnosed with cancer, so only had a short time with us. In the 6 months we had him, he was the best pal. He was so happy, following us everywhere, wagging his tail in circles all the time. He only started feeling poorly the last few weeks and we knew it was time to say goodbye before he started suffering. We are grateful to have had the time we did with him. We miss him dearly.