Name: Cinnamon

Date of Passing: 10/02/2023

Message to Cinnamon: Cinnamon, prettiest dog in the universe, loved by everyone

Tell us about Cinnamon: Cinnamon was 6 when we found her at the shelter. She was so sweet and lovable that the staff said she would often help them at their desks as the office dog helper. When we saw her face we knew she found her forever family.

Cinnamon loved sitting in the sun, seeing her friends, going for adventures, boat trips, photo shoots, and being extra pretty.

She loved her brothers Buddy and Moose. She loved cuddling with or sitting on buddy. Moose taught her how to play with other dogs and she tolerated his antics.

She was loved by everyone she met. Especially her dad's.

We miss you forever Cinnamon.