Date of Passing: 02/23/2023

Message to Chloe: Sweet Chloe, you brought joy to our lives for more than 13 years. We miss you, and you will remain in our hearts forever.

Tell us about Chloe: Chloe came to us from our community’s animal shelter Dec. 26, 2009. She was about 12 to 18 months old at the time, undernourished, skinny, scared, and wary. Nourishment and nurturing made her sleek, secure, self-assured, and happy within a year. She was outgoing, playful, a bit of a clown. She never met another dog or a person that she didn’t like and wanted to play with. Weekly outings to doggie day camp were among her favorite activities. She was fast as the wind and usually left other dogs panting to catch up with her. When they got close, she would stop mid-stride, squat on her haunches and spin around and around within her own space, pivoting on her hind feet, then launch herself in the opposite direction right through the oncoming pack chasing her, leaving them scrambling to reverse course. When she wasn’t playing with other dogs, she wanted to spend time in her yard playing tug-of-war, hunting for small critters, or just basking in the sunshine. Or, better yet, taking long, long walks and snuffling up all the good scents along the way. Indoors she was a 65-pound lap dog, stretching out on the couch with her head on someone’s lap, or curling up in her basket with a blanket over her. She filled our lives with joy and activity for 13 years, which made watching her health decline swiftly in her final months especially difficult. Tremendous support from our long-time veterinarian at Bramer Animal Hospital in Evanston sustained her for as long as reasonable, and his compassionate but honest guidance helped us make the decision that was best for Chloe. A Gentle Goodbye comforted us in our decision and gave Chloe a peaceful sendoff. She will remain in our hearts forever.