Name: Chico

Date of Passing: 11/23/2022

Message to Chico: Our precioso and qt who lived with us and was part of our family for 11 years will be in our hearts forever. Thank you for dancing with mom even though you never wanted to, laying down with dad, welcoming your older brother when he visited from college, comforting your older sister during tough times, and growing up with your younger sister since she was 6. You were in many peoples lives and you’ll never be forgotten. Thank you for everything precioso we want you to know we love you forever

Tell us about Chico: We will never forget the day we first got Chico. It’s Spanish for ‘little boy’ and it couldn’t be more fitting. It was October 2011 and we were still adjusting to living in a new town when our dad told us he was getting us a dog. We were all excited and we all went to pick up this little black and white Shih-Tzu. He was brought home and he was still so young that he kept walking backwards. He became family immediately and eventually started walking straight. From there, he learned some words in Spanish and was our little brother for the next 11 years. “Quieres a caminar?” quickly became his favorite phrase - it means “Do you wanna go on a walk?”. He’d spin in circles and jump around every time we’d ask him that, and going on his walks would bring him so much joy. Nuestro precioso Chico