Name: Chester

Date of Passing: 08/10/2023

Message to Chester: Chester was the epitome of "Orange Cat." Not a thought in his dear little head, but also nothing but love in his little heart. He adored everyone he met, and wanted nothing more than to be held and pet. He was gentle to a fault- he wouldn't even move if the babies grabbed him or crawled on him. He loved riding on our shoulders and getting in the middle of anything we were doing. He just wanted to be near the people he loved, and he loved everyone.

Tell us about Chester: Chester came to us as an adult. He had been loved by his first family but they had to move into housing that didn't allow cats, so he came to live with us. A slight household shift when he started accidentally tripping the elder family member, so he spent the last year or so living with the kids. He was happy no matter where he lived, as long as there was someone to cuddle with.