Name: Chase

Date of Passing: 06/12/2024

Tell us about Chase: In loving memory of Chase. Chase was a mixed breed with a black coat and soft Lab-like ears. Chase came to his family when he was around 6 months old. He was adopted from a rescue who took him from an abusive environment. When Chase first got to his home, he was scared of men, people wearing hats, and stairs. It took him some time, but he eventually got comfortable in his new, loving home and bonded very closely with one of his dads.

Chase loved attention and insisted on being pet non-stop. If the petting did stop, he would either nudge with his head or use a paw to pull the hand back for more petting. Chase also loved egg yolks and would sometimes get spoiled when the family was cooking. He got very excited when the children came home and their friends came over. He would prance with his front half and wag with his back half. His children's friends called Chase the Dancing Dog because of his excited wiggles.

Chase had a favorite spot to nap during the day that gave him a view of the house so he could monitor everyone. After everyone went to bed at night, Chase would sleep on the floor next to his dad. First thing in the morning, Chase would make his rounds and make sure everyone was okay. If the family's children got up before the parents, Chase would wake up the parents to make sure the children were properly supervised. When Chase was outside, he found joy in running. Thanks to the wonderful care he received, Chase had 14 happy years. When Chase suddenly lost the use of his legs, his family knew they had to let him go. Chase passed peacefully at home surrounded by his family.