Name: Charlie

Date of Passing: 04/30/2024

Message to Charlie: Charlie, we miss you everyday. There hasn’t been a day that has gone by that we haven’t thought of you or cried. You were the best dog we could ever ask for. We hope you are running around like crazy, eating all the treats you can have and having all the stuffed animals you can rip up.

You were such a kind and gentle dog and we were so lucky to have you in our lives. 13 years and 10 months is a long time but not long enough. I’m crying as I write this missing you by our sides. We love and miss you boo boo.

Tell us about Charlie: My wife and I went to wright way rescue just to browse one day. We looked to our right and saw this black brindle puppy jumping up and down so we asked to meet him. Right away we said he’s ours. We took him home that day. We actually named him Jasper for a week and then just didn’t seem right so we named him Charlie and knew right away he was our Charlie bear.

He would get into trouble but what puppy doesn’t. He was the best Cuddler and would always spoon with me in the bed every night. He was my running buddy and was always excited to get out there, all I would have to say is wanna go and he would jump up. He would destroy stuffed animals, I can’t tell you how many we have bought over the years. Would always sit at the dinner table with us and lay on the table when we were gone lol.

He was great with our four kids and so gentle. He would love dog treats at night, opening up his own wrapped gifts. The bond and love he had with all of us was so strong. We smothered him his last couple weeks with walks in the stroller. His last night he had a steak dinner with mashed potatoes, then his last day he got his own happy meal and got to try chocolate for the first time!

These two weeks have been so hard and I see signs everyday from him. We miss our boy. Thank you to you all for being such amazing people!