Name: Charlie

Date of Passing: 08/10/2023

Message to Charlie: Charlie was my soul kitty. He was with me during some difficult times in my life. No matter what, he loves me and I loved him. He wasn’t like any other cat I’ve had before. He ruled our home, it was his world we just lived in it. I’ll miss Charlie so much. I’m so grateful I had as much time with him as I did.

Tell us about Charlie: I found Charlie a couple days before Halloween in 2007. The person I was dating at the time wanted to get a cat, to add with the dog we had. So we went to animal control in Chicago. We found this gray kitty that was so sweet. Little did we know the chaos he’d unleash. He was rambunctious and into everything. Once he got used to the dog, he played with him. Mind you the dog was big, around 95 pounds. He played rough. But he was also a cuddlier. He was curl up in my lap, snuggle behind me on the couch and sleep with me. As he aged, he calmed down but was still a bit naughty. After the dog passed, we adopted a younger cat after a few months. They loved each other but we’re definitely brothers. Charlie loved to play fetch, he’d walk through the house yowling even in the middle of the night, he enjoyed going in the yard and eating grass. He loved laying on the back of the couch next to husband. Most people who met him loved him and wanted to steal him. He meant so much to me. I was there for him until the last moment, just like he was always there for me.