Name: Calli

Date of Passing: 02/19/2024

Message to Calli: Calli, your family misses you but know you will always live in our hearts. Your brother Chewie likes to sit in places he can sense you. Your daddy and mommy can hear your nails clicking on the floor and see you out of the corner of our eyes. I feel you in my heart every day. I’m happy your can fly free now without pain.

Tell us about Calli: Calli was my neighbor’s dog, and she was friends with my Chewie. My neighbor’s life circumstances changed, and he could no longer care for her, so I adopted her. I kept her name, as I already knew her as Calli. Calli was our silly "purdy purdy princess" who gave light to our home and family every day. She loved food (f-u-d), her brother Chewie, mom and dad and her human brothers; and we all loved her too. She was energetic, and loved life. She had a swagger to her step. Even Dr. Sam mentioned her smile; which was with her until her final moments despite her pain.