Name: Caesar

Date of Passing: 07/03/2023

Message to Caesar: It is hard to sum up more than 13 years of companionship. Caesar was very much a member of our family and miss him with all of our hearts. We have so many great memories and, in that way, he will be with us always and forever.

Tell us about Caesar: We adopted Caesar from a doggy day care that had taken him in after his first owner had to give him up. He was 9 months old when we met him and we went home with him that very first day. Caesar was his name when we adopted him and he very much embodied it so we kept it. Caesar absolutely favorite thing to do (besides eating!) was to lay in the summer sun on our back deck. We always joked that he must be solar powered. He always liked chasing small animals, long walks and cuddling on the sofa. He was a steadfast companion.