Name: Buneary

Date of Passing: 04/19/2024

Message to Buneary: I will always miss you, I'll never forget how much joy and comfort you brought me being by my side. I love you my bun, I hope I get to see you again someday in the afterlife.

Tell us about Buneary: Buneary was my very first pet, I got her around the time I had really bad depression many years ago and was lonely, she made things feel better when I was with her. When I went to adopt my bun I was going to originally get a black bunny because I liked black at the time but something just made me like Buneary more. I got her name from Pokemon and thought it would be cute for her, and even has the same colors as the Pokemon. Buneary loved to be pet, she would always lower her head whenever you approached her with your hand and would fall asleep as she was pet, she would even sometimes lay on my belly and fall asleep on me as I hugged and pet her. It was always joyful seeing her run around doing binkies and being happy, sadly she slowly no longer ran around doing binkies anymore and I was sad knowing she was slowly getting tired. I really love her and always will, I'll never forget you Buneary <3