Name: Buddy

Date of Passing: 05/23/2022

Message to Buddy: Buddy's brother and litter mate Jack and I are learning to adjust to life without Buddy in it. His sweet soul was such a part of our home and there's definitely a hole in our hearts.

Tell us about Buddy: Buddy and Jack came to me from PAWS in Chicago--they were a bonded pair of littermates who were always together since birth and PAWS made sure they were adopted together. Buddy was the brave big brother who looked out for Jack, the shy boy. Buddy was very patient, with a gentle and outgoing nature, and he loved to snuggle his brother and play chase games. When his health started to fail recently, Jack became the protector and stayed by his side. On Buddy's last day, they spent most of the time together on my bed, cuddling and bathing each other--I know that was a comfort to both of them.