Name: Buddy

Date of Passing: 09/15/2023

Message to Buddy: Buddy was our first fur baby. We did our best to give our almost 17 year old, Buddy the best life. He was loved and cherished. We will forever cherish the memories of our wonderful companion. His curly hair, playful nature, and unwavering love will forever be remembered in our hearts. You rest in peace Papas, you will forever be missed 🥺🐾❤🐾

Tell us about Buddy: Buddy was a little hyper in his youth and would frequently run circles around the yard, but eventually he grew up to be a calm, good-natured boy. He would get up on his back legs and use his front paws up and down in the cutest manner. He would do this when he wanted our food. He loved eating just about anything and everything, and every now and then we would give him a little something off our plates to enjoy too!