Name: Brinkley

Date of Passing: 01/23/2023

Message to Brinkley: You are so heartily missed our sweet boy. The house is so empty without you. These few days since your passing have been painful. We try to comfort ourselves with the sweet memories of you, your antics and mostly the grace and strength you showed in your final years as old age chipped away at your vibrancy. There will never be another you and we feel blessed that you were in our lives these last 14 years. We will always love you our sweet Brinkley.

Tell us about Brinkley: When our youngest child was in his senior year of high school, I wanted to adopt a dog to keep me company as my husband traveled frequently. I had made a previous attempt and was doggie denied because I worked part time and my spouse traveled frequently. Although I had no specific breed in mind, I found myself browsing the Shiba Inu rescue site. My sister had a beautiful Shiba and I found a little fellow that I feel in love with. We made calls and went to meet him in Chicago. He came over to us, bowed his head and we had a bond. We decided to adopt him and went through the interview process. On the day he was to be brought to us, the rescue organization called to tell us that the vet had heard a murmur and would we still be interested. No problem, he will fit right in. My husband had open heart surgery as a child and is an adoptee. We decided to name him Brinkley after the pup in the movie “You’ve Got Mail”. We took him to our own vet right away, who also heard a murmur and commented how handsome he was. His words, “ It’s amazing what beautiful dogs you can get through a rescue group. This little guy would have been a discount doggie as he has a murmur”. So we teasingly called him the discount doggie. Over time he gathered up a lot of nicknames. One being “Crimey” as he got in some mischief in his younger days. Our boy loved treats, walks and his people. Over time he got to be pals with the other doggies in our growing family. He loved our grandson and the two of them passed the time together during Covid lockdown. We will miss you so much dear pal 💔