Name: Bonnie

Date of Passing: 01/04/2023

Message to Bonnie: We’re gonna miss Bonnie so much. She made peoples lives happier, especially ours. -Her parents, Lalo and Tati

Tell us about Bonnie: Bonnie was a crazy fun Golden Retriever with a personality too big to handle. Her dad, Eduardo picked her up on a farm in suburban Illinois when she was 8 weeks old and she lived with him and his family in their Chicago apartment for many years. In 2020, Eduardo and his fiancé Tatiana bought a house with plenty of room for Bonnie to partake in her favorite activities like running and playing fetch and chasing small animals in the backyard. She wasn’t allowed much human food but loved treats like fries and chips and was notorious for jumping up and grabbing food off of the table if you weren’t looking. She needed attention at all times or else she would let you know by forcing her head under your hand. If you cried in front of her, she would lick your tears away. Anyone who met her loved her. She truly had a soul like a human. Unfortunately, in late 2022, Bonnie was diagnosed with Skin Cancer and fought bravely until it was too much for her. On January 4, 2023 Bonnie passed away peacefully in her home surrounded by all her loved ones. She will be missed with all their hearts.