Name: Bonnie

Date of Passing: 08/04/2023

Message to Bonnie: Our sweet Bonnie (Carolina's Easter Bonnet) crossed the Rainbow Bridge on August 4, 2023.

While Bonnie remained in good spirits until the end, unfortunately her poor little body just could not keep up anymore. We were fortunate enough to say goodbye in our home, in a calm and peaceful environment. Bonnie was born on Easter Sunday 2010, April 4th and left us on August 4th at 4:10 pm. She was exactly 13 years and 4 months old. I am grateful that we were able to give her a peaceful and dignified ending. Bonnie even selected the pink flowers she wore on her collar that day.

Even though I have grown up with Springers my entire life, Bonnie will hold a very special place in my heart. Bonnie was my college graduation gift and was part of so many life milestones. My first apartment (among many), my first "big girl" job, living in three states, marriage, and even becoming a homeowner!

Bonnie was my shadow and companion. And while a VERY strong-willed girl (the vet even had to give her an additional dose so she could finally let go), she had the sweetest demeanor -- not a mean or aggressive bone in her body. Bonnie also loooooved food. Even in the end, she happily ate. She enjoyed a dark chocolate oreo before she konked out asleep. Bonnie loved to give kisses, and would lick you endlessly if you let her (and I usually did). Bonnie was also a good sisfur to her cat siblings, Nikki and Boo.

I will miss seeing her perfect blaze and adorable freckles, and running my hands across her smooth, silky fur. Even in her old age, her coat was so shiny and healthy. I will miss her little food dance she gave for every meal (which she performed even her last morning), the weird Yeti noises she would make, and the positive presence in which she filled our home.

Even though she's gone, I know she is with our other Carolina Kennel babies Harmony, Rebel, and her other littermate, Rebel. There they will take care of each other -- where they can run freely together with endless energy.

Our time with our pets is never long enough. Rest peacefully, my sweet.

Tell us about Bonnie: Bonnie was from the "Easter Litter" from Carolina Kennels located in North Carolina. Born on Easter Sunday in 2010, she was named "Carolina's Easter Bonnet" -- "Bonnie" for short. Bonnie was my college graduation gift, and was with me through so many life milestones.