Name: Blue

Date of Passing: 02/05/2024

Message to Blue: Who’s a good girl? You are! Dear Blue, Thank you for 13 beautiful years together. You were there for all of our families biggest milestones in life. From graduations, birthdays and being able to have a big yard of your own. These 13 years have been the greatest gift you could have given us. We will cherish all the memories and cuddles you’ve given us. We love you our big baby 💙

Tell us about Blue: When my mom brought you home it was understood that we were supposed to find your forever home. She rescued you from a tire shop because someone traded you for a used tired. But once you came into our life we knew you already found your forever home. You are had the most precious face and beautiful grey/ blue coat! We tried to figure out a name for you and at one point we called you Bella. Of course that name never stood around. We gave you the name Blue because of how beautiful of a color you were. You also had a very raspy bark. You were such a spoiled girl. You always needed to sleep on the bed with your own pillow and blanket. You also never liked to play with toys. Until we bought you your squeaky hamburger. I used to think that you loved that toy more than anything else. You kept that hamburger and treated it as if that your baby. Rolling in the grass, laying in the sun and sleeping in the shade were all the things you love to do. Unless we called you over and you reluctantly had to get up. Then we knew you were annoyed once you heard your loud sigh. These are just a few the moments that we will cherish deep in our hearts forever. You were the piece that our family never knew was missing. Thank you for sharing 13 beautiful years of your life with us and choosing us to be your always and forever family. We love you Blue - Jasmine, Mom, Jr and Angel 💙