Blake & Mimi

Name: Blake & Mimi

Date of Passing: Blake (8/2/23) & Mimi 01/24/2024

In loving memory of Blake: In cherished memory of Blake, a gorgeous Husky/Shepherd mix who was so fortunate to have found his way to his family about 7 years ago. His incredibly devoted mom and dad adopted him, along with his dog sister, who had been found wandering the streets in California. A Husky rescue helped facilitate getting both of these sweet dogs to their forever home. It worked out so wonderfully for them all. Blake was able to stay with his sister, and his mom and dad were so happy with how it all turned out. Although they were a bit of trouble initially, even eating their mom and dad's couch, right down to the springs, at the beginning, they were such gentle and loving dogs.

Blake was quite the mama's boy, and would always check on his mom to make sure she was okay. Blake's mom and dad did not want to have them in a kennel while they traveled anywhere, so they bought an RV, so all four of them could travel comfortably together. Blake and his sister both loved it, and they were able to have such fun adventures together.

When Blake developed cancer, his mom and dad did all the right things for him. When surgery was his best option, that's exactly what they did for him. And Blake thrived, getting another additional year of great quality of life with his beloved family. When his health began to decline, his mom and dad continued to do what was right for Blake's sake, and helped him pass away so peacefully. Cuddled up cozily on his comfy bed, with his mom and dad right by his side, and his sister there to comfort him, Blake slipped away so peacefully.

In loving memory of Mimi: In treasured memories of Mimi, a gorgeous Husky mix. Mimi’s parents adopted her and her bonded brother, Blake, when they were around 2-3 years old. Mimi and her family created a lifetime worth of amazing memories in the time they shared together. Both Mimi and her brother were very special to their parents, over the years they truly showed them what unconditional love was. Over the years, Mimi grew to only know a life full of so much love and care.

Mimi’s parents very quickly found out that Mimi was a bit mischievous with a touch of sass. As Mimi and Blake’s parents laugh about it now, their first day alone in the house Mimi and Blake created complete chaos, despite a pet sitter even coming by to take care of them! The two of them leaped over the gate and found joy in shredding the couch and the chair together. Somehow, Mimi’s bed always went “poof” when she was crated. While she was a little trouble maker, she was still always bringing so much joy to her parents. They quickly found out that Mimi had a bit of separation anxiety so the outcome was to take the two of them with, wherever they went!

Mimi’s parents got a travel trailer so they could enjoy going on new adventures together and explore the world. Mimi adored doing life with her parents and her dog brother - she was the more active and energetic one of the two of them. While Blake hated the water, Mimi would always found a way to dip her toes in whether it was a lake, a stream, or even an ocean - you could find her splashing around. Mimi was always the leader of the pack and she was very fond of always being out in front. It really was Mimi’s world and everyone else was just living in it.

Unfortunately, very recently, Mimi lost her brother Blake and it was very really tough on her as they were so bonded. Shortly after Blake passed, Mimi’s health and quality of life started to decline. Mimi’s parents knew it was time for her to cross the rainbow bridge and be reunited with Blake. Mimi passed so peacefully surrounded by the unconditional love of her parents. Rest easy, sweet Mimi.