Name: Bentley

Date of Passing: 08/16/2022

Message to Bentley: My precious and beloved Bentley was a huge part of our lives. She was extremely smart, loving and full of personality. She has been a big sister to Toni, also a chihuahua who is 13. Toni is quite lost without her as is our new rescue mixed breed, Maizie. Nothing will ever replace her and a big piece of my heart left with her the day she passed.

Tell us about Bentley: Bentley came from Texas. I got her at 8 weeks old. She had a little bent tail hence the name Bentley. She loved lying in the sun, cuddles, lots of treats, snuggles with her sister Toni (chihuahua) and going for road trips. She allowed me to dress her in outfits and Halloween costumes at times lol. She was very clean and loved to sit and lick her paws to stay beautiful. She was the boss of our home and that was just fine with us. She had the cutest howl and her ears were always perked up to know what was happening. As she got older she did lose her hearing and most of her sight but that didn't keep her from living her best life. Her nose never failed her as she always knew if someone was making something yummy to eat. Words cannot explain the loss felt here in our home. I loved her to the moon and back and I will carry her with me in my heart forever.