Benson Jude Staggs, esq.

Name: Benson Jude Staggs, esq.

Date of Passing: 07/01/2022

Message to Benson: No words to express our appreciation and gratitude for Dr. Heidi and the care and compassion felt on such an awful day/circumstance. We are so touched and grateful for how A Gentle Goodbye made our pet’s loss as “gentle” as possible and for the unexpected eulogy. Thank you Dr. Heidi and all of your team for being the special and caring people you are! 🙂 so, so kind. World needs more of you.

Tell us about Benson: Benson was born on a farm in the Kalamazoo, Michigan area on January 11, 2005 and dropped off at the Animal Shelter along with his siblings. The original plan was to adopt a female kitten but after seeing Benson and his massive baseball glove sized paws, we instantly fell in love and couldn’t wait to take him home in February 2005. Benson had 7 toes on each of his front paws and had full range mobility on all seven! When he was a kitten, he would get excited and chase and quickly trip over his own paws—it was the absolute cutest thing ever! Almost as cute as him falling asleep in his dad’s size 12 men’s shoe! Benson enjoyed his undergraduate years at Western Michigan University and was typically the guest of honor at friends’ house parties and always enjoyed being around people and being part of the crew (as long as mom was present). Once we moved to Chicago, he also enjoyed road trips to Michigan and did an amazing job riding in the car—better than most dogs! He never missed a road trip and used a leash and harness on pit stops (begrudgingly)! He was hands (paws) down the best study partner ever for late night study sessions and those occasional all nighters in graduate school and always seemed to know when someone needed some love—whether it be in a lap sit, a head nudge, or curling up next to or behind you on the couch— when you needed comfort, he was there. He even comforted Winter, the dog that crashed his vibe after the bulk majority of his life spent as an only child… that he definitely came to love. No other dog was ever so lucky ;-)! It was beautiful watching him get to know our baby, Alice. Despite their short time together, they shared a bond that will last a lifetime as well. Benson truly was the best cat there ever was and ever will be. What a gift it was to share his life. His giant paw prints remain on our hearts forever.