Name: Bella Mia

Date of Passing: 03/25/2024

Message to Mia:


Mommy, Daddy and Allie want you to know just how much we love you. We miss you so much! Our home is just not the same without you. Your spirit was a bright light in our lives. That light has dimmed now that you're gone. We hope with all our hearts that your spirit is soaring and you are happy. We know that you were welcomed by Grandma Hassfield, Ginger, Tiger, CT, Loki, Max and Bailey and that you can breathe freely and we imagine you are running and playing with them in beautiful fields in heaven. We will never forget you, our little "Princess Spitfire", our sweet little girl.

Tell us about Mia: I was fortunate enough to help care for the mother of a German Shepherd breeder. The daughter decided to mate her female, Hannah, and our baby Mia was born on March 27th, 2019. I was there every day after she and her litter mates were born and got to help with the puppies feeding, cleaning and of course cuddling and kissing. I chose Mia first out of the litter. She was high spirited and somewhat of a rebel, and I loved that. My husband and I had just lost our yellow lab, Bailey. When I brought Mia home for the first time, my husband said, "love has returned to our home". Her full name was Bella Mia. Mia is German for "beloved" and because we have an Italian last name, Cesaretti, we wanted her to have a German and Italian name, so we chose Bella which means "beautiful" in Italian, so her full name meant our "Beautiful Beloved". Mia came from a long line of renowned German Shepherds. Her great grandfather was named Zamp Vom Thermodos. He was a World Seiger VA Grand Champion SCHH3, Kk1 7A in Germany. Her father, Esto von der Plassenburg, was a Seiger champion 2x VA2 IPO3 KKL, and her mother, Hannah, was a 2015 USCA Sieger show winner. Mia was our guard dog. She loved to sit at the gate and keep vigil to protect the home and would alert us to every little noise. She was extremely smart and quickly learned all her one word commands in German. She was obedient but spirited as well. Her favorite play thing to do was run and fetch sticks that I would cut up from tree branches. When she was healthy she could do this until she wore me out. She loved her special cow ears that she would get after dinner every night to clean her teeth. She loved her sister Allie and would run and play with her inside and out all day long. They were always together even as they slept. Needless to say, they had more of the bed than my husband and I. Every night she would come up on my ottoman and cuddle with me, then she would go back to the floor and whine until daddy came down on the floor with her and rubbed her belly. She was a very special girl. One of a kind personality. She was loyal, high spirited and fun! She kept us going that's for sure.