Name: Bella

Date of Passing: 05/06/2022

Message to Bella: Bella was the sweetest most loving girl a family could ever hope for. She comforted us through the worst of times and brought us so much joy during the best of times. She spoke to us all the time, never missing an opportunity to tell us what she thought about something. I really miss her soothing purr when I get stressed or sad. She was the single most beautiful cat, I was constantly marvelling at what combination of genetics could yield her unique features. I don’t know how we got so lucky, but I’m so thankful the stars aligned and that we got to enjoy her company for her 18 years. I miss her terribly but the thousands of photos I have of her help me ensure that she will never be forgotten. I love and miss you everyday my sweet baby kitten!

Tell us about Bella:My mom and I adopted Bella as a 9th birthday present in 2004. I didn’t even have a name ready but I knew I wanted her. My mom had fallen in love with a nice male cat but I insisted we take Bella home. While waiting to sign the official paperwork, we sat next to a family and the nice lady next to me started telling me about the dog they were adopting. She’d wanted a cat but her family had cat allergies and was unable to. She’d mentioned wanting to name a cat Bella. My mom and I loved it so much that we decided right then and there to name our new cat Bella. It was fitting, it means beautiful in Italian, and she was the most beautiful girl we’d ever seen. Once home, she turned out to be the sweetest, most playful and loving kitty. When she was a young cat, she’d distract me from my homework by playing fetch with me with a bracelet. As she got older, her favourite toy became a fuzzy pink ball, a gift from family, that she’d pounce on and meow at intensely in the evenings. She was so playful and talkative and never failed to entertain us. She was always curious about water, from drinking mine to trying to walk along the bathtub. She once fell into the bath! But she loved nothing more than to keep us company while we read, watch tv, cooked, or worked. Wherever we were in the house, she’d often keep us company. She did love her cat naps but I like to believe that when we played with her that she enjoyed that more. She hated being held but as time went on, she grew to be much more tolerant of my scooping her up and giving her millions of kisses. I am eternally happy that Bella never developed a taste for human food. I could eat with her sitting next to me and never fear her trying to steal my food. If anything, she’d try to sway a piece of food off my plate and play with it. Up until her last 6 months or so, she was always very kittenish and relatively healthy so we always said she was a very young 18. She was literally the perfect cat. Every good characteristic you want in a cat, she had it. I miss her so much.