Name: Beau

Date of Passing: 11/19/2023

Message to Beau:


Saying goodbye to you was one of the hardest things we've ever done, but we will love you forever and never forget the wonderful memories we had together. You filled our hearts with so much love and happiness and, while we miss you every day, we feel happy knowing that you can now run around again chasing balls, eating all of your favorite treats and swimming in the lake in doggy heaven.

Mom, Dad, Neela and Leo

Tell us about Beau: Beau was adopted by her mom 11 years ago from PAWS. When she first met her mom Beau ran straight to her, tail wagging and sat in her lap. It was love at first tail wag, and there was no going back! She was the most beautiful dog her mom ever met, and so she named her Beau - short for beautiful. Beau's tail wags had since won over every person and furry friend that she met - she loved everyone, and was full of life and fun.

A perfect mix of Bernese Mountain Dog, Flat-coated Retriever and German Shepherd, Beau was fluffy, cuddly, loving, intelligent and fiercely loyal. She loved playing fetch, chewing on sticks, car rides, boat rides, swimming in the lake and eating lots of treats. But her favorite thing of all was being around her favorite people - we joked all that time that she just loved "supervising" everything that we did.

She was truly always by our side, and for that we will forever be grateful. She changed our lives forever and will always be in our hearts as she chases balls and jumps in the lake up in doggy heaven.

We will always love you, sweet girl!