Name: Beatrice

Date of Passing: 10/12/2023

Message to Beatrice: Beatrice forever in our hearts!

Tell us about Beatrice: We adopted our Beatrice 10 years ago from Chicago Pound (CCC) when she was estimated to be about 3-4 years old. Beatrice was a Pitbull Boxer mix with a robust chest, bulgy brow-blue eyes, and long legs ..... a beautiful 70-pound mess! We suspect that she was abandoned due to her rheumatoid arthritis, which we were able to successfully manage through medication, supplements, and food. Despite her size, she was truly a gentle soul who raised our daughter and became our best friend. Beatrice loved to steal veggies from our garden during harvest like fresh carrots and green beans (you can see it in the picture). She tolerated us dressing her up for Halloween and loved walks around the neighborhood, forest preserves, and soaking the sun in the backyard. Recently, she became enchanted with Woodstock Square and visited weekly to walk the square, sniff every corner, and elicit pats and snacks from innocent bystanders. She loved lying around in squishymellow toys, peanut butter treats, and more than anything sardines! She became our best friend who always offered her unconditional love and attention. Beatrice will always be in our hearts!