Name: Bear

Date of Passing: 08/19/2022

Message to Bear: RIP Bear. The wonder dog who raced greyhounds and won every time, fearlessly faced a pack of coyotes, climbed to the top of the roof to guard the beach neighborhood and played endlessly with our little girl Jayden when he was used to boys. We love you. ///

Tell us about Bear: Bear was a birthday present for my son Sam’s 9th birthday. Bear was 6 weeks old and lived to just under 16 years! Sam couldn’t decide whether to name him Bronco or Bear, after his 2 favorite football teams. He named him Bear but bought a Bronco blanket which Bear slept with his entire life and now has been buried with. He loved the beach and enjoyed running on dog beach in Del Mar, California. We have many happy memories of our life with Bear.