Name: Baxter

Date of Passing: 12/04/23

Message to Baxter: Baxter, you’ve given me the best 18 years of my life that I could have ever asked for. Anyone that met you would say “Baxter is the coolest cat ever”, even the “I’m not a cat person” people. We went from living in the city, just you and I in our quiet condo. Since then we’ve added a husband, a dog, and of course our 3 other babies who you loved, and with them loving you just as much as I did. You just had that effect on everyone❤ With the love we all gave you every single day, is what honestly makes me believe you lasted so long with us. Always by our side, up in our faces, trying to eat our food, and even on a mission to put a little cat hair in daddy’s cooking😉 I do believe you’re the best cat ever, and not sure any other will ever measure up to you!🐈🐱

You will be so dearly missed by all of us💙 You enjoy it up there in heaven, where there is no more medicine, no more arthritis and no more pain. I’ll keep you with me in my heart always, and can’t wait to see you on the other side😘

Tell us about Baxter: The best thing that happened to me was when I randomly decided to call around to shelters after a busy season at work, and got in touch with a foster that just found a white kitten outside her house. I told her I would love to meet him! The second I saw Baxter, the connection was REAL. I knew we belonged together. I was a single girl living in Chicago and couldn’t wait to have a companion. He just loved to play, if it was w a cat toy or with my hair rubber bands, anything he found he was curious about.

As our family grew (a dog sibling, got married, and 3 kids later!) he accepted each and everyone and loved them as much as I did. He knew I would always have his back, and I would always protect him. He moved to 4 different houses with us, until we finally settled down in our current house in 2016. When he was diagnosed with his thyroid condition in 2019, nothing AT ALL changed about his personality!!! The only reason we even knew was his weight loss. Those 4 years of giving you medicine 2x a day brought our bond even closer, even when I thought that wasn’t possible!!

I love you Baxter with all of my heart, and there will always be a place in there ONLY for you❤ Please meet me at the bridge buddy🌈😘