Name: Abbey

Date of Passing: 06/06/2023

Message to Abbey: We sadly let go of one of our fur babies. Abbey Priscilla Steimel would have been 18 years old in September, but her CKD is no longer manageable.

She was an affectionate kitty who loved snuggles, eating, rolling in kitty nips, socializing at parties, sunbathing outside, and anybody that would give her scratches and lap pettings. While she appeared to tolerate her brother, Brutus James Steimel, deep down, she appreciated his companionship. He's already looking a little confused.

She enjoyed a McDonald’s Happy Meal, ice cream, and many unhealthy kitty treats yesterday. We will miss you, snuggly fat kitty. You will always be my first furbaby, Miss Independence, and I will forever cherish our time together. Rest In Peace, pretty girl. #lounge3030

Tell us about Abbey: Abbey was adopted from the Dumb Friends League in Denver, CO.